11 Rides to Enjoy at Winter Wonderland San Jose

Whether you visit us to enjoy a breathtaking view of Downtown San Jose from our beautiful 60 foot-tall Ferris Wheel, bring the little ones to experience our charming classic carousel or ride our thrilling Tilt-a-Whirl, there are fun rides to delight folks of all ages at Winter Wonderland!

Rides at Winter Wonderland San Jose: 

  1. Ferris Wheel – Enjoy a great view of the holiday activities going on in the heart of Downtown San José from up top!
  2. Squadron– Your little ones will love this small rocket ship kiddie ride as you let their imagination run wild.
  3. Tilt-a-whirl- The Tilt-a-Whirl is an all-time favorite to thrill seekers. This thriller rotates on a center axle traveling up and down hills while the tub whip on its own axle.
  4. Rockin’ tugboat- Everyone is sure to enjoy this fun boat ride! The little tugboat gently spins, dips and peaks.
  5. Dizzy DragonThe grinning dragons’ grins welcome kids and parents alike for a gentle spin. With their bright colors and amusing faces, these dragons are sure to please!
  6. 1001 Nachts– Riders sit in stadium-style seating and enjoy the free falling feeling as they are lifted into the air and brought down again in a thrilling manner.
  7. Renegade- A high seas adventure awaits aboard our fun-filled pirate ship funhouse, Renegade.
  8. Footloose- The 57-foot high ride is beautifully lighted by 1,000 turbo lights. If you are a thrill seeker who enjoys exhilarating rides, this is the ride for you! 
  9. Tea Cups- A carnival classic! These beautifully detailed teapots are sure to leave you dizzy and wanting more.
  10. Happy Swings  Perfect for a child’s first ride, this large gentle swing provides the same experience as a bench porch swing.
  11. Merry-go-round-  A family favorite! Ride the beautifully designed, Americana-themed carousel featuring 30 jumping horses, and 2 stunning chariots.


  • $3.50 per ride
  • $20 all day unlimited (single day)

**Free Rides between 4 pm – 6 pm (Nov. 23rd only). We will be open until December 31, 2018. 


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