5 Fun Facts About Winter Wonderland in San Jose

  1. Since 2001, Winter Wonderland in San Jose has been a part of  Downtown for the Holidays along with Christmas in the Park and Downtown Ice.
  2. Winter Wonderlands’ ferris wheel is 60 feet tall! Experience a breathtaking view of Downtown San Jose from up top during the holidays.
  3. The day after Thanksgiving, Winter Wonderland has offered free rides from 4 p.m.-6 p.m for the past couple of years. Mark your calendars for next year and enjoy rides on us the day after Thanksgiving!
  4. Winter Wonderland in San Jose partnered with Veggielution and Giant Creative this year to launch East Side Grown’s food cart hub. Eight unique food carts located on the Paseo de San Antonio offer locally & sustainably sourced foods and drinks. Featuring items such as fresh tamales, baked goods/pastries, vegetable noodles, salads, and holiday drinks. For a complete list of dates and hours, click here!
  5. Winter Wonderland in San Jose has rides to delight folks of all ages! From our charming family-friendly carousel to our more exhilarating rides, we have rides for everyone! To see a complete list of the rides we have, click here

To learn more about how Winter Wonderland came to be a part of this annual tradition, read our blog post, “What is Winter Wonderland in Downtown San Jose“?

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